Vanellope von Schweetz Cosplay FAQ

Vanellope von Schweetz Cosplay FAQ

Ever since debuting my cosplay of Vanellope von Schweetz from Wreck-It Ralph, I’ve received a staggering amount of questions regarding the construction of my outfit. Since the same questions continue to come up time and time again, I’ve decided to write up a detailed FAQ post in order to address these questions as best I can.

1. “How did you make the tights?”

For the full process of how I made my tights, please refer to my Vanellope tights tutorial.

2. “Where did get/how did you make the skirt?”

The skirt was originally a brown peasant skirt which I got from the Gap kids’ section many years ago. Before being reborn as a Vanellope skirt, it looked a bit like this:

Since a peasant skirt is composed of separated tiers, I cut the bottom tier off and then proceeded to sew that tier up above the new bottom tier. This created the extra layer which Vanellope’s skirt has.
While the skirt that I used is no longer available, it is still possible to find or make pleated skirts which will allow for the same look. The key is to get a skirt with the correct kind of pleat. In consulting the images above, we see two different skirts. For many, the style on the left is the first style of pleat you might think to employ when making a Vanellope skirt. However, the more accurate option is the one found on the right. This style of pleat, while more challenging to accomplish, looks more like the Reese’s peanut butter cups which Vanellope’s skirt is made of than we imagine the left style to be. By employing the appropriate style of pleat, two skirt layers and making sure it’s all in brown, you will be able to come up with a skirt as screen-accurate as possible without having to use real peanut butter cups.
3. “Where did you get your hoodie / chords?”
The blue-green hoodie came from a North American clothing franchise called Stitches (also known as Urban Planet). While I haven’t come across the same hoodie style at any other clothing store, online or offline, finding the same type of hoodie should be matter of simply going into your country or city’s equivalent cheap teen clothing franchise, since most countries seem to have one.
A tip I can give to Vanellope hoodie shoppers is to pay close attention to the colour matching of your hoodie. You should not go for a mere green hoodie, but rather for a shade of blue-green which is as close as possible to the on-screen colour. You may think that whether it’s just green or green with a bit of blue in it won’t make much of a difference, but I can tell you that such a seemingly subtle variation certainly does.
As for the chords, those are the original white chords of the hoodie covered in pink taffeta (haha). I basically made slip covers for the chords, measuring the width of the chords and then sewing the covers accordingly while deliberately allowing for little seam allowance in order to make the covers a tad small so that the chords, while still fitting through, would come out rounder when they got covered (since they were flat originally). Then I tacked the covers down at their ends. Note that I did not cover the chords in their entirety, but rather only covered the portions that show when I wear the hoodie, plus a bit extra just in case the chords get yanked a little farther that normal.
4. “Where did you get the wig?”
The base short black wig came from a few years ago, however, I do not recommend using that website as their prices are unfairly high and products aren’t always reliable. The ponytail extension was purchased at a Canadian boutique franchise called Ardene (this too was bought more than a year ago, so even if you have an Ardene in your city, I cannot guarantee that they will still be selling those extensions in that particular length).

While obtaining the exact same wig that I have isn’t necessarily possible, I can still recommend my favourite wig seller for black wigs. Second Mankaa Cosplay Wig offers a good selection of wigs, and I can say that their black wigs in particular are highly suitable for Vanellope. These black wigs have a pleasant shine to them, which is not terribly unnatural, as well as blue undertones rather than brown, causing the fibers to shine blue in direct lighting. This ends up looking more like fictional characters’ hair and in the specific case of Vanellope, will be a nice complement to her design’s predominantly cold colour palette. (For a reference of what their wigs’ fibers look like in action, please refer to my Maya Fey and Mio Akiyama photos – all of their black wigs are made of the same fiber; the wig I have in those photos just happens to be a long wig style).

Second Mankaa sells a black base wig and ponytail extension set. The hairs are long in the front, allowing for you to cut them to the appropriate length to fit your face, getting Vanellope’s longer face-framing hairs. The wig has short bangs in the front, suitable for parting, and the extension has a slight wave to it, just like Vanellope’s ponytail. This wig can be found below:

5. “How did you make the hair Twizzler?”

This was made by making two little plushies to look like both ends of the Twizzler. Once they were stuffed, I tacked them together, making sure that the one pointing to the right overlapped the one pointing to the left at the bottom. To get the liquorice effect, I covered two pipe-cleaners the same way I covered the hoodie chords. I wrapped the pipe-cleaners around the plushies and tacked them on. For attachment, I stuck wire up the bottom ends of the plushies and then had the wire attach to a clip.

6. “How did you make the hair candies?”

For a detailed construction explanation, please refer to my Hair Candy Tutorial.

Thank you for reading! If there is anything that I may clarify, or if you have any additional questions that were not included here, please feel free to contact me by either leaving a comment on this blog, noting me through my deviantART account, or by private messaging me on my YouTube account. If you’d like to see more of my Vanellope cosplay, please feel free to check out my full Vanellope gallery, and if you’d like more information regarding my Vanellope cosplay, please check out my official Vanellope cosplay page.